Preconditioning Components

Process Gas Sample Conditioning Vapor, mist and condensate removal for solvent-based processing systems

Neutronics offers a comprehensive line of sample conditioning components designed to prevent process vapors, mists or condensed liquids from affecting oxygen sensor accuracy and reliability.

For process applications with the temperature of the sample gas equal to or above ambient, our Neutronics Vapor Condenser (PDS-109) provides efficient removal of light vapor and condensate from the gas stream. An integral part of many of our sample conditioning systems, the vapor condenser consists of a heat exchanger powered by a vortex cooler. The assembly is intrinsically safe and factory set for maintenance free operation.

For elevated sample temperatures with entrained liquid droplets, mists and ultra-fine particulates, preconditioning components such as our Neutronics Coalescing Prefilter (PDS-101) and Neutronics Liquid Trap (PDS-107), when used with sample conditioning systems, provide additional contaminant removal for the sample gas stream.

For vacuum applications, our Negative Pressure Autodrain (PDS-102) functions as a liquid seal trap to prevent the inflow of ambient air through the drain line. Used with sample conditioning components such as the Coalescing Prefilter, Spray Scrubber or Liquid Trap, the Autodrain provides continuous maintenance-free drainage of accumulated liquids.


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Particulate Removal for Sample Gas Conditioning

Particulate materials, powders or bulk solids are used extensively in all areas of the process industries. These industries include food and dairy processing, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, chemical, mineral processing, metallurgical, detergents and cosmetics. Processing systems for the manufacture of a wide variety of powdered, agglomerated, granular, compressed or coated products include components such as agglomerators, blenders, mixers, granulators, coaters, jet mills, pelletizers, dryers, conveyors, separators, receivers and feeders.

Neutronics oxygen analyzers are frequently used in these systems to monitor and control oxygen concentrations, providing the benefits of improved process safety, better product quality and longer equipment life. Inerting a vessel or enclosure eliminates the possibility of fire or explosion and protects it from structural corrosion damage caused by air and moisture.

Neutronics offers a complete range of filters for powder processing and handling applications where particulate removal is required. Proper filter sizing requires a complete knowledge of the size and quantity of process particulates.

A standard in-line sample filter is installed in most of our sample conditioning packages to remove light particulates. The filter is installed at the sample gas inlet and includes a 90 micron 316 Stainless Steel sintered metal element.

The Neutronics Coalescing Prefilter (PDS-101) is frequently added as a preconditioning component to remove moderate particulate that could overload the internal in-line sample filter.

The Neutronics Blowback Filter (PDS-105) is a preconditioning component designed for heavy particulate loads. The Blowback Filter assembly includes the filter housing, a 0.4 micron Stainless Steel sintered metal filter element, an intrinsically safe solenoid valve, and an optional back-wash timer. It provides the required particulate filtration along with automated element cleaning, reducing downtime for maintenance and increasing system reliability.


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Corrosive chemical removal for solvent based processing systems

Process conditions that include solvents and corrosive chemicals present significant challenges. To deliver accurate and reliable gas measurement, sensors require a sample that is free of contaminants. Neutronics provides a range of off-the-shelf solutions for removing corrosive chemicals that could affect proper sensor performance.

The Neutronics Spray Scrubber (PDS-104) is designed to continuously remove corrosive chemicals or particulates from the sample gas stream. Installed upstream of the sample conditioning package, this preconditioning component protects the sensor and the sampling system components from contamination or damage. A type of wet scrubber, it can handle high temperatures and moisture and can effectively neutralize corrosive chemicals and gases, making it suitable for use in acid based processing applications. The Spray Scrubber has a counter-current-flow configuration. As the sample gas enters the bottom of the scrubber, contaminants are trapped on the wet surfaces of the scrubbing solution coming from the spray head at the top and absorbed into the liquid.

The Neutronics Bubble Scrubber (PDS-106) is a column type assembly that uses absorption to remove contaminants from the sample gas stream. This preconditioning component uses a suitable scrubbing liquid to remove contaminants from the sample gas stream for trace applications or when continuous scrubbing is unavailable. A sight tube and easy access fill port allow for quick inspection and service, reducing unplanned downtime.


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Temperature Control for solvent-based processing systems

Neutronics sample conditioning packages require normal operating temperatures of the incoming gas stream to be in the range of 80 to 100°F. For heated process applications involving higher temperatures, cooling of the sample gas stream is typically required. Cooling can often be achieved through heat transfer in the piping or tubing runs between the extraction point and the inlet to the sample conditioning package. Additional methods for temperature reduction include installing a cooling coil of thin-walled tubing or a water-cooled or air-cooled demister upstream of a sample conditioning package.

The Neutronics Sample Gas Demister (PDS-103) is a preconditioning component designed for inline temperature control. With a cooling jacket that uses either water or air, the demister works like a heat exchanger to continuously transfer heat from the sample gas, lowering the temperature. The internal Stainless Steel mesh packing not only provides additional surface area for cooling but also removes mists and suspended liquid droplets from the gas sample stream.

Neutronics offers a variety of heating and cooling options for sample conditioning packages mounted in outdoor locations or in areas with exposure to high or low temperature extremes. All climate controlled units include thermostats and cabinet insulation and can be designed and built for installation in hazardous areas.


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