Oxygen Monitoring System (OMS)

Oxytron 2000™

Percent O2 Analyzer / Controller

Dual Channel Operation

The Neutronics Oxytron 2000 is a custom-configured instrument designed to automatically control oxygen in process applications.  When combined with a properly designed sample conditioning package, the Oxytron 2000 provides reliable measurement and control of oxygen, keeping it at a safe level by controlling the flow of inert gas into the process.  Originally developed for one of the country’s largest chemical manufacturers, the Oxytron 2000 has been proven reliable in thousands of installations.

With dual channel capabilities, it can provide control for two independent vessels or processes a full-featured industrial process control instrument for measuring oxygen in industrial process vessels and gas streams.

  • Measurement Range: 0 to 25% oxygen by volume
  • Display: 0.5″ 4-line, 16-character dot matrix with LCD backlighting
  • Status Indicators: Discrete LED (red, yellow, green) user configurable
  • User Interface: 3 menu-driven soft-key pushbuttons
  • Current Loop Output (mA): Dual, isolated 4-20mA with configurable range
  • Relay alarm contacts: nine (9) user configured
  • General Sensor Inputs: 4-20mA DC
  • Power: 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz, 30W
  • Enclosure Options: NEMA 4X Stainless Steel, NEMA 4/7 Explosion proof, or standard 19″ rack-mount
  • Dual channel operation, four analyzers in one – control two processes with one instrument
  • Real-time sensor trending and maintenance-prediction
  • Programmable automated maintenance features, including sensor calibration and sample flow check
  • Programmable analog and digital process control outputs
  • Two field instrument inputs with alarms and relays – temperature, pressure, PH, RH, and more
  • Automatically controls oxygen to safe levels, minimizing gas usage